Hays Recruitment Consulting is a leading interim change and transformation platform that connects suitable candidates to business opportunities. The expert consultants look at both technical competencies and behaviours to ensure that the sourced candidates are a good fit for a company. Hays Recruitment Consulting then presents these candidates to you swiftly and professionally at competitive rates.

Why Hire An Interim Manager

Interim managers can be hired to carry out a specific project for a limited time period at a fixed rate. As highly skilled professionals, interim managers are brought in to implement change for an exact requirement or activity. They deliver instant results and place their focus directly on the task at hand. Organisations hire interim managers to either:

  • Administer a change management process.
  • Launch a new product, service or business.
  • Handle a crisis management situation.
  • Fill a sudden gap in the workplace due to absence, resignation or dismissal.
  • Sustain increase in workload.
  • Manage, mentor and develop a team.

Why Choose Hays Recruitment Consulting

  • Specialists in interim change and transformation roles.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable consultants in various sectors.
  • Sources high-quality candidates at affordable rates.
  • Candidates are trusted and fully vetted.
  • All interim consultants are insured to industry standards.

Stages of Hays Recruitment Consulting Process

Stage 1

The expert consultants will take a detailed brief about the specific requirements you have for the available vacancy. The obtained information will help the consultants identify the type of candidate you need in terms of experience, skills and qualifications.

Stage 2

Hays Consultants will then carefully source suitable applicants from their network of highly experienced available candidates. They will ensure that each sourced candidate matches your specific criteria and have passed our very own recruitment process.

Stage 3

Employers will then receive a detailed shortlist of potential candidates. Hays consultants provide full support to employers throughout the interview process which can include taking references and arranging a venue for interviews.

Stage 4

Hays Recruitment Consulting will oversee the contractual process, salary negotiations and agreement between employers and selected candidates to ensure that both parties are completely satisfied.

Hays Recruitment Consulting Sectors

Public Sector

Hays Recruitment Consulting interim change and transformation candidates cover all aspects of operational, management and corporate functions for the entire public sector in the UK which includes Local Authorities, Criminal Justice Bodies, Housing Organisations, Central Government and other Public Corporations. They also source candidates from across the globe.

Private Sector

Interim change and transformation management is imperative for a competitive edge in the private sector. Interim change managers or leaders can implement their skills quickly and efficiently to help a company grow. From CEO’s to project managers, Hays Recruitment Consulting can source the most suited candidate for private corporations.

Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) Sector

In this challenging and competitive sector, it is crucial to have the right staff to create awareness and generate income. Interim change and transformation candidates can help refresh your NPO business plan, audit donor and giving strategy, and create revenue to meet your organisational objectives. Their skilled interim change candidates can be useful for new or existing NPO projects.

Looking For Candidates?

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