Interim managers typically get hired for middle to senior management type roles. Therefore, it is crucial that you showcase a background of progressive achievement and clear successes. You need to demonstrate your credibility with a proven track record of legit and quantifiable achievements. Along with this, you need to create a CV that stands above the rest. The experts at Hays Recruitment Consulting have set out tips and advice for creating the ideal Interim Manager CV.

Creating Your Resume

The ideal CV showcases key achievements, desirable skills, and required experience. It is also important to remember that every position you apply for is different, therefore creating a tailored CV to each role will make you stand out. Strive to present your CV in no more than three pages, unless you include case studies.

Introduce Yourself As A Solution

Indicate that you will provide the solution to solve the hiring manager's challenges. It should be a statement that makes the employer want to contact you immediately. Highlight any projects that you have worked on as an interim manager, project manager or change management administrator.

Include A Key Skill List

Inspect the role that you are applying for and put together three to five skills that are relevant to the positions prerequisites. Place emphasis on your specialist area and be sure to indicate any fluency in languages.

Describe Yourself Within the Company

Write a short summary about the company and where you will fit into the organisation. By doing this, you will help human resources envision you in the available vacancy. It is beneficial to use relevant keywords or phrases throughout your CV such as flexibility, cost-effective alternative to permanent executives, organised and efficient and stating that you are available at short notice.

Explain Your Skills

Interpret what you do, how you do and what the result is. Remember to be clear and concise with a desirable objective that will be beneficial towards the company.

Reverse Chronological Order

Illustrate your latest or current position first then follow with the rest. You can also give a brief description of accomplishments achieved in the last three to four years.

Clear and Professional

Keep all information clear and to the point and also ensure that your contact details are up-to-date and professional. Present your CV in Word format document with easy-to-read typeface such as Times New Roman and Arial.

Cover Letter

The cover letter should add value to your resume, not replace it. Keep it personal but also professional. You can add a little bit of your character to the cover letter, but ensure that you state why you are ideal for the position.

Hays Recruitment Consulting Employer Advice

Hiring new staff can be an exciting challenge, but do you know exactly what and who you need? It is important to understand what type of person you need for the work at hand or for the growth of the company. Hays Recruitment Consulting has put together three steps that you need to take into consideration before submitting a vacancy.

Step 1 - Define the role requirements by vital skills

Identify the key requirements that you need and determine three to five imperative skills for potential candidates. This will help streamline the screening process when Hays Recruitment Consulting searches for suitable candidates.

Step 2 - Narrow the role by desirable skills

This simply means the nice-to-have skills. Set out three to five desirable skills which can include qualifications, experience and personality traits.

Step 3 - Define the corporate culture

Determine what type of work environment you have and what type of person you want it. Identify the culture by looking at the business as a whole, including the departments and the teams within.